Chapter 164: Ambush

Chapter 164: Ambush


A loud yell preceded a thunderous explosion. A Vicious Beast was smashed to smithereens with just one punch from Hansach.

He quickly skinned the Vicious Beast and pulled out its bones. After harvesting what he needed to harvest, he arrived in front of a small herb.

“This herb has four leaves with sharp ridges around the edges, and the leaves are linked together by silver threads...... This should be the Life-Opposing Four Leaf Clover,” Hansach muttered as he glanced at the booklet in his hand. He then pulled out a jade box and placed the four-leaf clover inside. He had completed his task.

The Ferocious Race couldn’t identify herbs on their own, but that didn’t mean that they had no way of identifying them at all.

However, relying on a manual to identify these herbs was only possible if those herbs were actually recorded in the manual.

If it wasn’t, then there was no way to recognize it.

But that didn’t really matter. Even if he didn’t know what it was, he wouldn’t let the humans have it.

Hansach unleashed a fierce, energetic punch, flattening the surroundin...

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