Chapter 163: Conference

Chapter 163: Conference

“We can confirm that that place was a great Arcana Master’s laboratory, all the way at the peak of the mountain. However, the mountain is layered with Origin Formations, making it a very restricted area,” He Yuandong said as he spread the map and pointed at the tall mountain on the map.

At the top of the stone mountain headquarters, a small high-level conference was going on.

“Restricted area” was a form of jargon within the ruins. It implied that the area was full of dangers and restrictive Origin Formations.

Restricted areas could be found all over the ruins. As legacies of the Arcana Kingdom, every ruins would have a restricted area. This was the reason why Su Chen and the others didn’t decide to rush over immediately.

Breaking into a restricted area required them to concentrate all of their manpower on that task!

This was also why everyone was searching for resources...

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