Chapter 162: Skirmishes

Chapter 162: Skirmishes

Standing at the mountain peak and gazing around him, Su Chen felt invigorated like never before.

It wasn’t only because of his delight at raising his cultivation base. More importantly, his physical body and his senses were very different from before.

After reaching the Blood Boiling Realm, he could feel that his body had become lighter and that his consciousness had become fuller. Most importantly, he had much greater control over his body.

At this moment, his strength might not have increased by much, but his control over the energy in his body had greatly increased, and his sense of Origin Energy was much more perceptive.

This was the benefit of reaching a higher cultivation realm. It wouldn’t directly increase one’s combat ability - after all, combat ability depended on Origin Skills - but it could improve the basic essence of one’s physical body, serving...

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