Chapter 161: Charging Through

Chapter 161: Charging Through


A battleaxe thudded against flesh, causing blood to splash through the sky.

A Vicious Beast fell to the ground.

Su Chen walked over and began to absorb the motes of Origin Energy that floated out of the Vicious Beast’s body.

As large quantities of Origin Energy entered his body, Su Chen could feel his body changing.

He felt as if the Origin Energy in his body had reached its peak and was about to overflow

This implied that Su Chen’s cultivation base had reached the peak of the Qi Drawing Realm.

Yes, after two days of diligent hunting, Su Chen had finally completed all of the necessary preparations before making his breakthrough. Next, all he actually had to do was charge past the bottleneck.

To reach the Blood Boiling Realm, he needed to light his heart lamps.

Lighting one’s heart lamps involved refining oneself and concentrating one’s Origin Energy so that the heart lamps would begin to shine, illuminating one’s heart as well as the principles governing magic usage.


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