Chapter 160: Handling

Chapter 160: Handling

If possible, Su Chen would rather have let Ferraro and Mendiano go than Danba.

That guy was simply too cunning. In fact, he was so cunning that he didn’t seem like he was from the Ferocious Race anymore.

If the brainless Ferocious Race had him as a leader, things would become much more complicated.

Unfortunately, battles weren’t like business transactions. You couldn’t make a substitution just because you wanted to.

Even though the other students all arrived quickly and began searching the surroundings, they were unable to find Danba.

The students weren’t hired soldiers. They couldn’t afford to expend too much energy just to find Danba, and they were forced to return to the stone mountain empty-handed after some time.

The whole way there, Su Chen was clearly in bad spirits.

“Alright, you don’t need to be so melancholy. We were still able to finish off two Ferocious Race individuals, one of them a Temple Warrior....

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