Chapter 159: Exterminate

Chapter 159: Exterminate

Danba sighed as he watched Mendiano die.

Even though he had expected Mendiano to die, there was just nothing he could do.

He Yuandong pulled off Mendiano’s ring, then returned and said, “The mission was successful.”

“Thanks for your hard work,” Su Chen replied with a warm smile.

Then, he looked at Danba. “It looks like it’s our turn now.”

Danba stared at Ferraro and Mendiano’s corpses before suddenly saying, “Can you wait for me to take care of their corpses? I’m worried that no one will take care of them after I die.”

“No problem,” Su Chen replied.

Danba walked over and moved Ferraro and Mendiano’s corpses to the side. Then, he began to dig.

He dug very slowly.

Based on his strength, he could have probably blasted a huge hole in the ground with a single punch.

But Danba didn’t do so. Rather, he used both of his hands to dig a small ditch.

The four of them weren’t in a hurry. They watched as he slowly carved out a small hole in the ground.

But for some reason, Su Chen felt like something was off.


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