Chapter 158: The Second Battle

Chapter 158: The Second Battle

After landing on the ground, Wang Doushan sighed deeply.

The surging energy in his body slowly began to calm down. Wang Doushan felt a weakness that he hadn’t felt earlier.

It wasn’t a side effect of using Strength Medicine. Rather, he wasn’t used to the sudden loss of strength yet.

It felt really good to possess power!

He walked a few steps to Ferraro’s side.

Ferraro was still breathing. However, his forbidden technique was about to expire, and his lifeforce was slowly fading.

“You win,” Ferraro said between labored breaths. His tone carried a trace of dissatisfaction and annoyance.

“That doesn’t really count. I originally wanted to fight you based on just my own strength, but unfortunately, I was still forced to use a Strengthened Strength Medicine,” Wang Doushan replied.

For this battle, Su Chen had prepared some medicine for him. Those were his final trump cards.

However, Wang Doushan didn’t want to use it.

He wanted to use his own strength...

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