Chapter 157: This is What it Means to Go All Out

Chapter 157: This is What it Means to Go All Out

When Ferraro unleashed this claw, Su Chen, Danba, and the others all grew solemn. They knew that this was the most critical moment of the battle.

Wang Doushan also realized this point.

He no longer hesitated. The image of a Snow Crane appeared behind him.

“Snow Earthquake Explosion!”

After expending tons of lifeforce due to his constant injuries, his strength had decreased, and the Snow Earthquake Explosion once again became Wang Doushan’s most powerful technique. The flurry of snow this technique released was also a good counter to the raging flames his opponent was using.


The snow and the flames clashed with each other.

The flurry of snow and ice flew through the air. A flaming claw was already raking through the air. Cold, snowy light enveloped the flames, but it couldn’t completely smother them. The flames, which had been greatly compressed, carried with it a frightening amount of momentum as it cleaved through its frosty environment. It still landed on Wang Doushan’s chest after losing about half of its...

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