Chapter 156: Good Preparation is the Key to Success (2)

Chapter 156: Good Preparation is the Key to Success (2)

Wang Doushan flew through the air, pressing towards Ferraro like a mountain. An illusory image of a snowy-white crane appeared behind him.

“Thousand Feather Hands!”

With a loud yell, Wang Doushan’s palms flew through the air, leaving behind thousands of afterimages that shot towards Ferraro.

The Thousand Feather Hands was originally just a relatively common chained-attack skill of the Snow Crane Bloodline, but with Wang Doushan’s frightening strength, it exceeded the power of his Snow Earthquake Explosion.

Even more frightening was the fact that he had chosen this moment to activate his totem, further strengthening his attacks.

Ferraro felt an immense pressure beginning to suffocate him as if an ancient dragon had suddenly awakened.

He knew the situation wasn’t good. He gathered all of his energy...

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