Chapter 154: Guardian Totem

Chapter 154: Guardian Totem

As expected, the Ferocious Race had accepted the challenge.

This was entirely within Su Chen’s expectations.

This wasn’t any particular display of intelligence; after all, everyone knew that this was the Ferocious Race’s unique way of doing anything.

On the other hand, when one of the Ferocious Race youths had charged at them, the other one had pulled him back, piquing Su Chen’s interest.

Su Chen’s hearing was very good.

He gleaned a bit of information based on the words that floated to him on the wind.

That Ferocious Race youth was trying to convince the other one to stand down.

Su Chen learned from Gu Qingluo that he was Danba.

A smart, cautious, yet bold Ferocious Race youth.

Su Chen began to realize that perhaps this was what he had feared all along: a Ferocious Race...

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