Chapter 153: Takusha

Chapter 153: Takusha

As nightfall loomed, a plume of smoke from a campfire began to rise into the air.

Danba sat next to the campfire quietly as if he were thinking about something. Light from the flickering flames danced across his face, giving the inscriptions on his face an otherworldly quality.

The Ferocious Race rarely did much contemplation.

The Ferocious Race didn’t like contemplation, but Danba was an exception.

Danba liked to think about things quietly and on his own.

He was very different from the other barbaric Ferocious Race youths, who wanted to brawl as soon as they felt even the slightest bit bored.

His youth wasn’t filled with much happiness because of this.

It was only because of their Head Ancestor’s support.

The Head Ancestor said, “The Ferocious Race doesn’t like thinking things over; because of this, they might even look down on Ferocious Race individuals who use their brains. But the Ferocious Race’s existence and expansion rely on those who can use their brains. So don’t worry...

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