Chapter 149: Asking For Assistance

Chapter 149: Asking For Assistance

Su Chen charged the little purple-scaled beast. An Erupting Firehawk took flight from his hand and slammed into the beast’s body. He then quickly changed directions and ran off to the side of the forest.

The little purple-scaled beast’s intelligence was even worse than the older one’s. Its attention was instantly drawn away, and it chased Su Chen into the forest.

Wang Doushan cursed as he watched the beast chase after Su Chen, “Dammit, he’s doing it again!”

Back then, Su Chen had done this with the Giant Adamantine Ape, and now, he was doing it again.

Wang Doushan could only hope that they wouldn’t wind up being tied down here because of some beast.

As he thought of that, he decided to throw caution to the...

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