Chapter 147: Exterminating the Demonic Beast (1)

Chapter 147: Exterminating the Demonic Beast (1)


“Damn you, Su Chen, you’re inhuman! Are you trying to torture me to death?”

“I’m not playing anymore! I don’t want to play anymore! Get off of me!”

“What Totemic Medicine? This is torture! This is definitely a form of torture used by the Ferocious Race!”

Within the stone-walled cavern, Fatty Wang was howling in pain. The only thing everyone could do was look at one another.

“Is it really that painful?” The short, lean Shui Dong was in disbelief.

Because Origin Qi Scholars possessed powerful physiques and spent most of their time cultivating, they had an extremely high tolerance for pain.

Some people could even endure broken bones and deep wounds; it was much rarer for people like this damn fatty to howl and wail from just having a few inscriptions drawn...

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