Chapter 146: Gathering

Chapter 146: Gathering

After settling everything that needed to be done and giving Su Chen some of the medicinal herbs they had gathered, Qi Weiyan and Zhu Anyi left.

Pi Yuanhong wanted to go too, but Su Chen said that his wounds weren’t completely healed yet and forbade him from going out. Pi Yuanhong was infuriated.

Thus, Su Chen basically used his status as number three to prevent him from leaving. That damned Qi Weiyan supported Su Chen as well, so Pi Yuanhong could only remain on the mountain.

The third night within the ruins, Su Chen encountered the third wave of his comrades.

It was the tenth-year, number nineteen student Fan Ruzhi and the eighth-year, number thirty-seven student Ma Xuan.

Ma Xuan’s arrival greatly excited Jiang Hanfeng.

He was the person who was extremely talented at setting up concealment Origin Formations.

Ma Xuan immediately adjusted Jiang Hanfeng’s formation upon arrival and made it so that both sound and smell were completely...

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