Chapter 145: Establishing a Stronghold

Chapter 145: Establishing a Stronghold

When Pi Yuanhong awoke, Su Chen was not there anymore. Jiang Hanfeng was sitting there, staring at a vial in his hand intently. He seemed to be tracing some kind of pattern with a needle.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Pi Yuanhong forced out.

Jiang Hanfeng was startled badly. His hand instinctively trembled.


The tip of the needle pierced down.

Jiang Hanfeng pouted. “Eighth Senior Brother, don’t scare me like that.”

He carefully pulled out the needle and massaged the wound as he glanced at Pi Yuanhong. He laughed, “Eighth Senior Brother, you look much better now.”

“Mhm. That guy, Su Chen, is pretty good at medicine even though he isn’t that strong.”

Isn’t that strong?

Jiang Hanfeng smiled bitterly as he thought to himself, that’s because you haven’t seen the...

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