Chapter 144: Pursuit

Chapter 144: Pursuit

Wang Doushan didn’t know why, but his ears suddenly felt warm.

“What bastard is talking about me behind my back?” he grumbled as he swung his large hands through the air. His palm slammed into the Inky Dan Cloud Beast in front of him. Even though the beast had quite an artistic, elegant name, it was really quite thickheaded. It loudly howled and bit Wang Doushan’s arm.

Wang Doushan’s thick elbow locked the beast’s mouth in place. Its razor-sharp teeth were lodged in a thick layer of fat and muscle, unable to extricate itself.

Wang Doushan grabbed its neck and gave it a twist.

Crack! The neck broke.

“Great, time for another yummy meal,” Wang Doushan laughed heartily.

He turned around and yelled, “Little Forty, c’mere, it’s time to eat!”

A skinny, elegant youth came running in his direction, his large eyes dancing around animatedly.

As he ran, he yelled, “Time to eat again? We’ve already eaten four meals today. Are we still...

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