Chapter 141: Sacrifice

Chapter 141: Sacrifice

In the empty space right next to the forest, Su Chen continued to harvest Vicious Beasts like they were ripe fruit.

When the gap in strength was big enough, battling really was as easy as picking fruit.

If it weren’t for the fact that he was worried of stirring up too much of a commotion and drawing out the Demonic Beast inside, Su Chen probably would’ve just charged in without even using the Beast Drawing Incense.

After the incense had burnt out, he had basically wiped out all of the Vicious Beasts near the periphery of the forest.

Su Chen entered the forest and began harvesting Wind-Extinguishing Grass.

Concocting Advanced Wind-Type Medicines required Wind-Extinguishing Grass that was at least ten years old.

Wind-Extinguishing Grass itself was not too rare, but those that had lasted for more than ten years were hard to find simply because they fetched quite a high price. One or two Wind-Extinguishing Grasses...

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