Chapter 140: Last-Minute Preparations

Chapter 140: Last-Minute Preparations

Ji Ruoyu was a sixth-year student of the Hidden Dragon Institute and the only sixth-year present. He was the youngest out of everyone who entered the ruins, and he was also the weakest. His student number was 40, and people often referred to him as Little Forty.

Yet, Su Chen regarded Little Forty as the most important individual here.

Based on the Hidden Dragon Institute’s selection criterion, the weaker a student was, the more likely they were to have a unique talent.

Ji Ruoyu was no exception. The only reason he was selected was because he had a special innate Bloodline Skill: Void Sensing.

Void-type Origin Skills were rare. Even if they were conferred by a bloodline, the user often had to reach a certain level of strength in order to put them to good use.

Ji Ruoyu’s innate Bloodline Skill...

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