Chapter 138 - Beaten to Death

Chapter 138 - Beaten to Death

The Armor-Piercing Awl bored into Burke’s fist like a spike into a tree, splitting through Burke’s entire arm.

Burke’s arm was instantly shattered and smashed into a bloody pulp.

Next, Burke let out an extremely pained yell.

All of the bloody inscriptions on his body lit up simultaneously, a ferocious wave of energy exploding forth, surging at Su Chen and Zhao Xin simultaneously and sending them flying.

Even amongst the Ferocious Race, some were considered stronger than others. This one was probably not weak given that he could still unleash such fearsome power despite being seriously injured.

“DIE!” Burke howled maniacally as he charged Su Chen. He pulled the battleaxe off of his back with his left hand and chopped down at Su Chen.

“Su Chen, careful!” Zhao Xin yelled.

Su Chen took multiple steps in midair, dodging with an extraordinary amount of skill. A Firehawk took shape in his right hand and soared forth, slamming into Burke and sending flames...

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