Chapter 137: Powerful Ambush

Chapter 137: Powerful Ambush

He took a deep sniff of the scent that was borne to him on the wind.

“That’s the smell of a human for sure!” Burke said in a low voice.

He quickened his pace towards the mountain.

Burke enjoyed killing!

Burke relished the scent of blood!

Burke wanted to completely wipe out the annoying group of humans!

His excitement and speed continued to grow as he constantly repeated this to himself.

Finally, he arrived at the base of the mountain.

There, he found a young human standing in place.

The human was very small, like a tiny bean sprout, but he began to yell provocatively at Burke.

“Come at me you useless meathead! I’ll kill you!” Zhao Xin yelled at Burke as he gestured disdainfully at him.

Burke’s lips curled back...

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