Chapter 136: Scouting

Chapter 136: Scouting

After leaving that dangerous forest behind, Su Chen decided to head for the faraway mountain.

The mountain was not very large. Gray fog enshrouded the mountain, making it appear as if it had come to life straight off the pages of a poem.

But when he got closer to the mountain, Su Chen was shocked by how bleak and desolate the mountain actually was.

Greyish-yellow wind whistled through the peak violently, blowing away any vegetation, preventing anything green from growing. The sandy soil could hold no water, and it was as if the mountain was actually standing alone in the middle of a desert. The only green that he could see was the grass at his feet.

To Su Chen, this desolateness was actually a good thing - it was much less likely for any powerful Demonic Beasts to survive in this kind of environment.

But just as he got close...

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