Chapter 135: Entrance

Chapter 135: Entrance

Mo Lihan did not choose to allow Su Chen to retaliate with a strike.

He did not want the 40 Ferocious Race youths to be reduced to 39 yet. Not only would they lose one of their members, but it would also damage their morale.

However, he could not possibly allow Su Chen to bring in another item worth ten thousand Origin Stones just like that.

After a period of fierce negotiation, they finally settled on allowing Su Chen to bring in an item worth more than three thousand Origin Stones.

In other words, Su Chen exchanged his light injuries for this privilege.

If he encountered little-to-no danger upon entering the ruins, then Su Chen’s alchemy skills could turn these extra three thousand Origin Stones worth of medicinal herbs into medicines that were worth much, much more.

But if he were to run into battle,...

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