Chapter 134: Enraged

Chapter 134: Enraged

Three days later, the break ended.

On that day, the forty chosen students gathered together again. The instructors herded them onto a flying warship, which began to ferry them to the Goldwater Ruins.

The flying warship flew extremely quickly. The Goldwater Ruins weren’t very far away from the Hidden Dragon Institute in the first place, so they reached their destination in only half a day.

When the students arrived at the Goldwater Ruins, they saw troops garrisoned in barracks and flags waving in the air. Countless armor-clad soldiers were marching in file, and the skies were filled with other flying warships.

There were garrisons set up across from them as well. Countless Ferocious Race individuals yelled barbarically, occasionally combining their voices to unleash a thunderous roar.

When compared to the orderly, disciplined human armies, the Ferocious Race soldiers were much more untamed. They did not line up in an orderly fashion; rather, they still possessed an indescribably wild aura....

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