Chapter 133: Three Days of Vacation

Chapter 133: Three Days of Vacation

The training ended.

After three months of training, only 56 of the original 100 were still present.

The Hidden Dragon Institute selected the final 40 from this group of 56.

Of these, there were 16 tenth-year students, 11 ninth-year students, 8 eighth-year students, 4 seventh-year students, and 1 sixth-year student.

The group of ninth-year students, of which Su Chen was a part of, was composed of 11 people: He Niliu, Duan Jiangshan, Su Chen, Cloud Leopard, Wang Doushan, Gu Qingluo, Yue Longsha, Ji Hanyan, Wang Xuan’an, Zhou Donglai and Yuan Mengshi.

Shockingly, Jiang Xishui, who was ranked third amongst the ninth-year students, was not selected.

Jiang Xishui was quite powerful, and his temperament wasn’t bad either. Even though he was a prince of a great Nobility Clan, he didn’t put on many airs. Su Chen had exchanged blows with him and fought side-by-side. Regardless of the circumstances, Su Chen felt as if Jiang Xishui hadn’t displayed his full strength. He originally thought that he would have an opportunity within the ruins...

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