Chapter 132: Team

Chapter 132: Team

Su Chen and Gu Qingluo talked for quite some time. Finally, they reluctantly returned to their own tents and went to sleep.

Although Gu Qingluo never explicitly said that she wanted to return to how things were previously, Su Chen could still sense the change in her attitude.

This made Su Chen feel extremely excited. He slept fitfully that night, resulting in an unanticipated benefit - Yu Chengjiao came to raid their tents again, and this time Su Chen caught him in the act.

When the sun rose, they continued their training. However, they had lost six students, bringing their number down to 94 from 100.

While standing in front of everyone, Yu Chengjiao yelled in his uniquely coarse voice, “Today, everyone can form their own teams of at most seven people.”

Everyone was extremely excited.

They were not randomly assigned...

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