Chapter 129: Medicine Bath

Chapter 129: Medicine Bath

The Jade-Eyed Cloudroam Beast left.

It left just like that!

Hadn’t it been made clear that anyone who couldn’t escape would die?

Why did it suddenly give up just as it was about to kill him?

Su Chen was unable to comprehend what had happened until a person appeared before him.

Shi Kaihuang.

“Instructor!” Su Chen yelled.

Shi Kaihuang walked over and laughed, “Well done! You said before that you weren’t a person who wasn’t afraid of anything, but you seemed pretty brave just then.”

Su Chen sat in a daze. He wanted to say something, but no words came out.

Shi Kaihuang seemed to understand what he was trying to say. He said, “It was for that girl, right? Don’t worry; no matter what your reason was, being willing to sacrifice yourself to save your teammates is a good thing.”

“So the hunt was all a lie from the very beginning? Was it just to test our reactions under life-or-death situations?” Su Chen asked.

Shi Kaihuang replied, “The battlefield...

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