Chapter 127: Hunt (2)

Chapter 127: Hunt (2)

Finally, he was standing in front of her again.

Su Chen felt his heart tremble slightly.

The other two people in the group began developing a plan for today’s exercise, but Su Chen acted as if his soul had fled from his body.

Gu Qingluo was the same as him. She had never expected to end up in the same team as Su Chen, so she was understandably bewildered.

“The pursuit will begin after the time it takes for three sticks of incense to burn, so right now is our opportunity to prepare. We can choose a place to hide up, or we can set up a trap to try and counterattack. I suggest we first set a trap for it and use that trap to assess the strength of the Demonic Beast pursuing us. After determining how strong it is, we can decide what to do next,” one of the team members, Wei Bin, said.

“Setting up a trap will take too long, and normal traps will not be enough...

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