Chapter 126: Hunt (1)

Chapter 126: Hunt (1)

Of the twenty teams, only seven were able to retrieve a Rainbow Mirage Pheasant in the end. The other eight probably ran out of the Thousand Ashes Gorge to an unknown location.

Cloud Leopard easily completed the task. To him, it was not difficult at all.

Su Chen was unlucky and did not complete the mission, so he got a taste of being physically tempered by thunder and lightning.

Two teams of students tried to be clever - they thought to themselves that since there weren’t many Rainbow Mirage Pheasants to begin with, they tried to forcefully seize them from other students. In the end, they were severely punished with one day of flogging.

Yu Chengjiao savagely whipped the students as he yelled, “You were informed at the beginning of this training that you are forbidden from attacking...

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