Chapter 125: Training (2)

Chapter 125: Training (2)

On the second day, Su Chen, Cloud Leopard, and Wang Doushan woke up together and headed for the training grounds.

The training grounds were not within the Hidden Dragon Institute but within the Thousand Ashes Gorge.

Based on what Si Mingli had said, all of the students needed to head out early in the morning and arrive before sundown to construct their own tents.

In actuality, the training had already begun.

Reaching the Thousand Ashes Gorge in a single day was not an easy task. It was quite a long trek, but there were also many Vicious Beasts along the way.

Team Bright had taken two whole days to reach the location in the past.

Because of this, students needed the ability to avoid confrontation much more than raw combat strength if they wanted to reach the training grounds in a single day.

Without a doubt, Cloud Leopard was extremely talented in this regard.

No Vicious Beast could evade his detectio...

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