Chapter 124: Training (1)

Chapter 124: Training (1)

The end-of-year competition was finished.

This was just the end of another school year to many people, but this was only the beginning for those who were victorious.

The day after the end-of-year competition concluded, Su Chen and the others were called to the Hidden Dragon Institute’s Goose Cloud Palace.

The palace was already filled with nearly a hundred students by the time they arrived.

Students not part of Su Chen’s year were also present. The strongest students within each year were all gathered here. Everyone also had another similar characteristic: every person here was in the Qi Drawing Realm. Only students below the Blood Boiling Realm were eligible for the Competition for the Ruins.

An elder was standing at the front of the palace and gazing at the assembled crowd. He cleared his throat and said, “Quiet, please!”

The noise in the hall began...

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