Chapter 123: Carried Along By The Wind

Chapter 123: Carried Along By The Wind

Above the competition stage were two rows of seats.

These seats were reserved for the top 20 students.

The students who sat at those seats could change at any time, and no one could know when they would be removed from that seat.

Some spots changed very rapidly, like Cloud Leopard’s. Every time he surged up, he was quickly knocked back down by others. As time went on, he just stopped sitting down altogether.

But some spots evidently would not change at all.

For instance, the top 5.

Three males and two females sat atop the five most elevated seats.

The person at the front was a male with long hair going over his back. His expression was lazy, and it seemed as if he didn’t have a care in the world.

There truly wasn’t anything to worry about. Ever since the end-of-year competition had...

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