Chapter 122: Brute Force

Chapter 122: Brute Force

Su Chen had controlled his strength very carefully. Even though Long Huan had been knocked out, he hadn’t been fatally injured.

The referee inspected Long Huan. After confirming that Long Huan hadn’t been seriously injured, the referee waved a yellow flag.

This meant that the competitor was fine but unable to continue battling.

Coincidentally, Cloud Leopard challenged Long Huan immediately afterwards.

Because Long Huan was absent, Cloud Leopard won by default.

There were so many battles happening that it was hard to avoid getting injured. Circumstances like this happened every day, and others only thought that Cloud Leopard had gotten lucky.

But very quickly, it seemed that fortune was smiling on Cloud Leopard.

In the next battle, his opponent was once again knocked out by the opponent.

The person who had knocked out his opponent was again Su Chen. His Erupting Firehawk was basically the pinnacle of...

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