Chapter 120: Assassination

Chapter 120: Assassination

It had been quite some time since Su Chen had been able to battle to his heart’s content.

This was one of the unique characteristics of contemporary Origin Skills. If they had been battling each other with just Ancient Arcana Techniques, the battle might have been more spectacular, but it would not have been nearly as adrenaline-inducing.

Upon seeing that Liu Yuan had been defeated, the crowd burst into discussion.

This was not any common opponent. Liu Yuan was someone within the top 40 of the Dragon Transformation List, but he had been forcefully beaten into submission by Su Chen.

Many people agreed that they had misjudged Su Chen.

And they had not misjudged him just by a little bit; they had been off by a mile.

Two youths stood beneath a willow tree outside of the stage, watching the scene.

A tall, sturdy...

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