Chapter 116: Competition (2)

Chapter 116: Competition (2)

The first three elimination rounds posed no threat to Su Chen, and he didn't even need to waste much thought on them.

However, Cloud Leopard’s issue had truly stumped him.

This made it so that his face was always stony and serious during the first three rounds, making him look as if he were anxious about the upcoming battle.

However, anyone who looked down on Su Chen because of this was fated to be sent flying by an Erupting Firebird.

In the first three rounds of battle, he used a total of seven Erupting Firebirds to deal with three opponents. The last opponent was a big stronger than the others, and he forced Su Chen into using four Erupting Firebirds, as well as dodging and defending himself for the first time.

No one could even force Su Chen to use a different move.

The fourth round of battle took place in the morning of the third day.

Based on the...

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