Chapter 115: Competition (1)

Chapter 115: Competition (1)

“What? You’re going to participate in the end-of-year competition?” Wang Doushan squawked like a chicken grabbed by the throat.

Of course, however, his neck had already become so thick by this point that there probably wasn’t anyone who could grab him by his neck unless he or she used an Origin Skill like Sky-Concealing Hand.

Wang Doushan, who was stuffed into a chair that groaned under his weight, stared at Su Chen in disbelief, “You’ve finally thought things through?”

Su Chen replied helplessly, “It’s not me who has thought things through but the old man. He wants me to do something for him, so he allowed me to attend this year’s end-of-year competition. Not only that, but he required that I get at least within the top 20.”

“Wow, that’s quite a high requirement....

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