Chapter 112: Distribution

Chapter 112: Distribution

One season followed another, and half a year had gone by in the blink of an eye.

After sending Zhu Xianyao away, everything returned to normal.

Su Chen completely immersed himself into his research.

Even though he no longer had the Zhu Clan’s bloodline, he still had the Zhang Clan’s, the Hong Clan’s, the Zhong Clan’s, the Zheng Clan’s, and a multitude of other bloodlines he could research.

To Su Chen, the battle at Red Pinewood Forest was like a giant treasure chest. It had given Su Chen too many Origin Skills, too much knowledge, too many cultivation resources. When considering the massive wealth that Kaihuang’s Heaven had pulled in, he now had the freedom to research as he pleased.

With money, his research progressed rapidly, as did his results.

In just half a year, Su Chen already began to reap a ton of benefits.

Today, Su Chen called Wang Doushan, Du Qing, Sun Jizu, and Jin Ling’er over to his Origin Energy Tower.

“Oh, everyone’s here?” Wang...

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