Chapter 110: Women Are Hard To Understand

Chapter 110: Women Are Hard To Understand

After understanding the peculiarities of Fata Morgana, Iron Cliff couldn’t help but sigh in praise, “This technique surpasses the common category. It should be considered an extraordinary-tier Origin Skill, right?”

Origin Skills were usually split into four tiers: common, extraordinary, legendary, and nightmare.

At the Blood Boiling Realm and below, most cultivators used common Origin Skills. An Origin Skill like Fata Morgana could be considered extraordinary in its own right.

Su Chen shook his head. “I have no idea. After all, this technique is still new and hasn’t been ranked yet. However, I don’t really see much point in ranking Origin Skills from high to low anyways. After all, the same Origin Skill can have drastically different effects depending on the user. For...

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