Chapter 109: Fata Morgana

Chapter 109: Fata Morgana[1. The Chinese term is typically used to denote an illusion caused by the strange refraction of light, so I used this term rather than “mirage” since it sounds cooler.]

“Iron Cliff!”

Iron Cliff was cultivating when Su Chen suddenly appeared, walking quickly towards him.

“Master.” Iron Cliff turned around to greet him.

Just as Su Chen was about to say something, the Origin Energy Tower suddenly trembled as if something had slammed into it.

Next, a loud, explosive yell sounded out. “Su Chen, you bastard, you killed my clan members and imprisoned my daughter. I’ve come to take your life!”

Soon, the entire tower began to rumble again from the people outside who were attacking the Origin Energy Tower. In an instant, the external defenses of the Origin Energy Tower were shattered.

Su Chen’s expression drastically changed. He said, “It’s the Zhu Clan members; they’ve found us. Let’s get out of here!”

As he spoke, he turned around and began to sprint towards the top of the tower with Iron Cliff following close behind.

After reaching the top of the tower, they found an...

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