Chapter 108: Slyheart Bloodline (2)

Chapter 108: Slyheart Bloodline (2)

Zheng Bashan sat on a stone bench, her body swaying around as she sang a song.

Her singing was gentle and passionate.

Su Chen waved his hand in front of her, but Zheng Bashan didn’t react at all.

She continued to sway back and forth as she muttered to herself, occasionally letting out a shallow laugh.

No matter what Su Chen tried, she wouldn’t respond.

“Has she been like this since she woke up?” Su Chen asked.

“Yes. No matter what I said, she wouldn’t listen. Master, could she have been knocked silly by Uncle Eleven?” Iron Cliff asked.

“It doesn’t seem like it. This is also my first time seeing a situation like this.” Su Chen flipped open Zheng Bashan’s eyelids.

He activated his Origin Energy-seeing eye and saw a bizarre, multicolored, and vast microcosm behind her. However, this microcosm was incredibly complex, and Su Chen felt dizzy simply just from looking at it.

The only...

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