Chapter 107: The Slyheart Bloodline (1)

Chapter 107: The Slyheart Bloodline (1)

Under the influence of this kind of thinking, the sales of Kaihuang’s Heaven continued to skyrocket, breaking past the horizon.

10 days after the ban on Kaihuang’s Heaven had been lifted, the sales marker finally broke the 400,000 mark.

At this point, everything that could be sold had been sold - those who were unwilling to spend the money at this point wouldn’t, and the sales of Kaihuang’s Heaven took a sharp dive in the following days.

Even so, Su Chen still earned the first large sum of money that he had ever obtained in his life.

Forty million Origin Stones!

Although Su Chen was from a relatively wealthy clan, this number still shocked him.

Forty million Origin Stones, what did this entail?

Back then, Su Keji had tried to supplant Su Chen for merely a few thousand Origin...

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