Chapter 105: Lifting The Ban

Chapter 105: Lifting The Ban

Ever since she was young, Zhu Xianyao had been treated like royalty - a pearl in their palm, so to speak.

She was used to everyone else revolving around her, used to being chased and envied by the gazes of others.

Although she was in confinement, Zhu Xianyao believed that it would only be temporary because she was valuable.

As long as she was valuable, she wouldn’t be mistreated too badly, and she would very quickly regain her freedom.

But now, her arrogant attitude had been shattered by a single sentence.

I don’t need you to make an exchange. A simple countermeasure of mine is enough to force the Zhu Clan to give up on everything.

They had underestimated Su Chen and the difficulty of executing their plan from the very beginning.

Because they were used to forcefully seizing things and killing people, they were not sure what to do when suddenly faced with an opponent who was willing to selflessly give knowledge...

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