Chapter 103: Night Demon’s Loyalty

Chapter 103: Night Demon’s Loyalty

While the master-disciple pair continued to banter with each other, Yue Longsha walked towards them.

She said to Su Chen, “Thank you for helping me avenge my father’s death. If you need any help in the future, remember to let me know.”

“We both helped each other is all,” Su Chen replied. “Right, what about the item that I asked you to take care of?”

Yue Longsha pointed towards the tree behind her.

Su Chen jumped into the foliage of the tree and pulled out an Origin Formation Disk.

It was an Imaging Disk.

On it, the entire course of the battle had been recorded.

After glancing through it to ensure that there were no omissions, the corner of Su Chen’s mouth curled upwards in a satisfied smile.

“What are you planning on doing next?” Yue Longsha asked...

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