Chapter 102: Aftermath (2)

Chapter 102: Aftermath (2)

Even if he was unwilling to resign himself to death.

Even if he were to go all out in this fight.

The tragic truth was that Ma Renze wasn’t Shi Kaihuang’s opponent even at his peak strength.

Shi Kaihuang was also in the Light Shaking Realm, and he was a veteran who had been at the very peak of the Light Shaking Realm for quite some time.

As an assassin, Ma Renze didn’t excel in head-to-head combat, so if he wasn’t Shi Kaihuang’s opponent even in peak condition, there was no way he was a match now that he was heavily injured.

Thus, there was no suspense in his defeat, nor were there any unexpected twists.

After being struck by Shi Kaihuang’s earth-shattering palm, Ma Renze flew into the air and then fell to the ground like a kite that had its string cut, unable to crawl to his feet.

Yue Longsha walked towards him. “Ma Renze, you also have such...

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