Chapter 100: Risking It All

Chapter 100: Risking It All

Even as Ma Renze charged forwards, Uncle Eleven backed up immediately.

He retreated towards Su Chen as he reached out to grab Su Chen’s hand.

Uncle Eleven was actually quite intelligent. In such a short period of time, he had realized that Su Chen was the crux to all of this. As long as he was able to grab Su Chen, he would be able to force Ma Renze to stay his hand.

Thus, he took the first opportunity he had to grab Su Chen’s hand.

But just as he moved, Su Chen also moved.

As if he had anticipated this a long time ago, Su Chen pulled out an item.

A scroll.

He tore open the seal.

A golden light began to surround his body.

Uncle Eleven’s claw was actually unable to break through the barrier.

“Ten Thousand Lives Barrier? How extravagant!” Uncle Eleven coldly harrumphed.

Su Chen had prepared to point that he had brought a protective scroll along with him.

Su Chen had originally pretended to cooperate so that the Zhu Clan wouldn’t search his body....

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