Chapter 99: Silencing

Chapter 99: Silencing

At this point, the only person remaining was Hong Ming.

He laid on the ground unable to crawl to his feet, gasping for air desperately.

When Hong Ming saw Uncle Eleven walking towards him, he shook his head and said, “No, don’t kill me!”

“You injured me so grievously, yet you still want to live?” Uncle Eleven said menacingly.

He raised his hand, preparing to strike down Hong Ming.

Just as his palm was about to land, Su Chen suddenly said, “Why don’t you leave this person alive for now?”

“What?” Uncle Eleven turned his gaze to Su Chen, killing intent surfacing in his eyes. “Brat, you still dare open your mouth?”

If it weren’t for that brat, how could he have lost so many good people? Even Zhu Yanniang had died, and he himself had been gravely injured.

The frighteningly large hole in his back was due to Hong Ming, while Zhong Shisi’s sword Qi had burrowed its way into...

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