Chapter 98: Hard-Fought Victory

Chapter 98: Hard-Fought Victory

Uncle Eleven charged towards Zhang Tingyue like a streak of lightning.

Out of everyone present, Zhang Tingyue was the strongest one, and was also the one who posed the greatest threat. Only by killing him would Zhu Xianyao be freed from the Verdantwood prison, so Uncle Eleven chose to target him first.

Zhang Tingyue knew the situation was not good. He knew that there was no way for him to dodge it, but he trusted that he at least could endure for just a brief moment - endure until his own men broke through the Zhu Clan’s warriors.

In the instant that Uncle Eleven charged forwards, he sucked in a breath of air and then struck out with all his strength, the Verdantwood Palms racing through the sky.

Uncle Eleven had already drawn near.

Red clouds swirled around his hands as he jabbed out with his finger.

Heavenly Fox Finger!

This finger was the earth-shatteringly powerful, absolutely dominating attack that he had released earlier. At this moment, it had reappeared.

Zhang Tingyue yelled and shoved his palms outwards to meet it, releasing a...

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