Chapter 97: Weak Spot

Chapter 97: Weak Spot

Zhu Xianyao was the Zhu Clan’s Young Miss, the first heir. She absolutely could not be lost.

Thus, he could only endure!

Forcefully endure!

An energy barrier appeared around Uncle Eleven’s body for the first time. At the same time, the Red Tide surged forwards again, slamming directly into Zhang Tingyue and the others.

While that was happening, Zhang Tingyue’s men were still attacking furiously. The two opposing fronts slammed into each other once again, Uncle Eleven did not have the upper hand this time. A violent wind brewed, slicing into both parties. Zhang Tingyue and the others were sent flying, as usual, but Uncle Eleven’s face flushed for the first time as well.

He had blocked that wave of attacks, but the amount of energy he had expended was very great.

The Slyheart Demonic Bloodline was not as suited for head-on battles. Rather, it relied on swift, fluid-like,...

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