Chapter 94: Obstruction

Chapter 94: Obstruction

When the four people started charging at them, Zhang Tinyue said scornfully, “Four juniors at the Blood Boiling Realm? Sending any more people would be giving you too much face. Yuanhu, Laiyi, Xiangyu, and Huyi, you four go teach them a lesson.”

“Yes!” The four guards charged forward, clashing head-on with the four black-clothed warriors.

The eight figures slammed into each other. After exchanging a few blows, the four guards from the Zhang Clan were sent flying.

In this battle of pure strength, the Zhang Clan had been completely defeated.

At the same time, the four black-clothed warriors continued to press forwards, placing their hands on the four guards’ chests as fast as lightning. Even though they tried to defend themselves, the blows still landed.

Blood spurted wildly from their bodies, forming four columns of blood in the...

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