Chapter 93: Obstruct (1)

Chapter 93: Obstruct (1)


The masked person flipped through the air a few times, landing in front of Zhang Tingyue.

“You got it?” Zhang Tingyue asked calmly with his hands behind his back.

The masked person kneeled on the ground with his hands out in front of him, offering out a manual. “Replying to senior’s question, it belongs to us now!”

“Were there any unforeseen accidents?” Third Mother Guan asked.

The masked person replied, “Everything went according to plan. No unforeseen accidents occurred.”

By the time the masked person had replied, Zhang Tingyue had already taken the manual and began scanning through it.

He looked through it very diligently, scanning over every word and sentence. The more he read, the more serious his expression was.

“What do you think?” Jiang Tao asked.

Zhang Tingyue didn’t reply. He continued to read through...

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