Chapter 89: Scheming

Chapter 89: Scheming

When Zhang Tingyue and the others returned on the second day, it was no surprise that the patriarchs had agreed to it.

As long as Su Chen gave them Kaihuang’s Heaven, they were willing to let bygones be bygones.

However, Su Chen indicated to them that Kaihuang’s Heaven had been invented by Shi Kaihuang, not himself, so the cultivation technique was kept within the Origin Energy Tower. There were Origin Formations and Imaging Disks there so if he were to try and take it, he would be discovered by Shi Kaihuang. If that happened, Shi Kaihuang would probably exterminate him even before the six clans could, so he needed them to take it for themselves.

Although the six clans were not part of the Hidden Dragon Institute, Zhang Tingyue had heard of Shi Kaihuang’s name before. He was curious as to why Shi Kaihuang chose to guard it so secretly rather than distribute it publicly like he had always wanted to.

Su Chen...

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